Thoughts on Non-Resistance

This is such a wonderful principle, once it is understood, and one of the most difficult to intellectually grasp, if that is not an oxymoron since it is really an effect of emotionally 'releasing.' The best analogy I have to offer in imagining non-resistance has to do with a reed in water. If one imagines a tall reed, beautiful, standing out amongst the other reeds, one can see the strength, the power, the might in this lone reed, strong as the currents flow around it's sturdy base. But once the river begins to swell, and the water starts rushing faster and faster, it will not be long before this mighty reed, brittle and unable to bend as it stands Against the current, snaps in two and is washed away. Now, in sharp contrast, think of seaweed, a reed of sorts but with one fundamental difference. Seaweed sways with the current of the water, is drawn to it and ebbs from it in a fluidity of exchange, yet always in unison with the tides. And the ocean swells are mighty indeed, currents reaching over a hundred miles an hour. Yet, seaweed withstands, endures, perseveres.....because it is in sync with the environment in which it lives and breathes. It is a dynamic part of the ocean, just as we are a dynamic part of this Universe. Seaweed becomes one with the ebbs and flows, swept from side to side in complete harmony with the swirling waters surrounding it. It does not fear, it does not stand pridefully in its wake, it does not just FLOWS. Even dances. And because it flows, it Flourishes....The Chinese see Water itself as the strongest element on the earth because it is completely non-resistant. Try to hold water in your hand. It is almost impossible because its fluid nature simply pours out over your palm, your wrist, through your fingers. It resists nothing and hence it cannot be stopped. Now, of course we have devised multiple ways to try to contain water, and they can certainly work for a period of time, but water can wear away wood, stone, metal, and basically any other container that tries to hold it over time. It becomes one with its environment and eventually everything gives way to it, and when it is released, it simply flows and molds itself to whatever path presents itself....the path of least resistance. Ultimately, water Knows No Bounds, and its complete ability to flow in unison with the paths that present themselves, regardless of form, before it are what gives it its incredible, unstoppable power.So, as such, this is the same principle conveyed with Non-Resistance, also known as Detachment. Think of power moving through an object, such as a powersaw. The powersaw is electrically designed to provide the least resistance to the electrical current flowing through it, which then provides the maximum amount of power. When the powersaw is dropped, it now has an injury which impedes the flow of electricity, and we would call that Resistance, and consequently the saw loses its power. It may still work, but not like it was designed to, and it would definitely not reach its full 'power' potential.What we need to imagine is seeing ourselves as powersaws, and God as the electricity. When we are non-resistant, and we trust that whatever we are facing, as evidenced by the external circumstances around us, is somehow a link in the chain of our good, we then give Infinite Wisdom a chance to move, or Power, through us and bring about the divine selections in our lives which ultimately leads to the desires of our heart. We do not trust what we see with our eyes, but rather close them and see solely through the eyes of Faith, through the adverse conditions, knowing it is but an instant. We become as Moses did before the Red Sea....believing in the impossible as he “saw” the waters part with his Faith, and subsequently the waters moved. As we are Unmoved by external circumstances, external circumstances Move because our Faith allows God-power to Move through us. Hence, the World of the Wondrous, where everything is permanently perfect, swings into visible manifestation by our belief in it and knowing that everything....Everything...placed before us is a link in the chain of our good and brings us to our ultimate destiny. See God in every face, and in every circumstance, and you become the Master of all Conditions.

Oh, if but it could be this easy! The reasoning mind steps in and the .....the “but's,” the “what if's,” the “wait...should I's,” the “how's,” the “if only's,” etc., etc., start sweeping over us....clogging the engine and shutting down the electrical current which would bring us to our Promised Land. We have to trust this incredible force with all our hearts, against our reasoning minds, against the logic of conventional wisdom, and against the 'doubting Thomas's,' which we all have in our lives. This is what will allow you to do what everyone else says is “crazy, impossible, unbelievable!” Yet, when we stop resisting and Trust....God makes a way where there is no way. Believe...and all things are possible.

What makes us resist? Fear, doubt, reasoning, not understanding, wanting to know the plan, needing to direct the channels, to direct the way. We become so strangled by our own internal conflicts that we in effect paralyze Infinite Spirit that could flow through us and bring about our desires in an instant if we just Allowed. I can think of a million analogies. A young woman wants desperately to become a ballerina. She's praying and praying for her big break. She works, in the meantime, in an insurance office, and hears constant bickering between her co-workers and an unpopular female supervisor with whom no one likes and everyone avoids. So, this young lady likewise avoids this woman like the plague, and takes pains so that their paths never cross. She has even refused when this supervisor invites her to lunch, making any excuse not to spend time with her based on her fears and assumptions. The more this woman asks, the more the young lady avoids her, and her co-workers become suspicious of her being “chummy” with the boss. She finally ends up quitting and finding another job she becomes so overwhelmed by the situation. What she does not know, and could not know based on her own knowledge, is that this woman is actually very kind, but in an unpopular position based on difficult decisions she has to make on behalf of the company, and hence becomes an easy target for her co-workers to make fun of and socially 'shun,' as this is the only power they in turn hold over the supervisor. What she also does not know, and could not know, is that this woman's husband, whom this young lady would have met at the lunch she was invited to, was the director of the Julliard School of Dance, and God had placed this wondrous juxstaposition before her in answer to her prayers.....but because she leaned on her own understanding and did not simply Trust and Not Resist, she lost this golden opportunity that would have been a bee-line to her dreams coming true.

Another example. A man goes into a restaurant, and has a craving for a fish stew which he loves and has not had in months. It had been a long, hard day, and as he leaves the office, he is so relieved and revitalized by the very thought of this stew. He has thought about it all day, and as he sits waiting at his table, a warm glow replaces the weariness of his forlorn soul. Meanwhile, he could not know that as the stew is swirling on the stove, a new, young chef accidentally bumps the wall behind the stove, and unbeknownst to this chef, because he is facing the other direction, a container of rat poison on a shelf above the stove falls over on its side and pours half its contents into the soup. The other chef, coming back from the front line, has no idea and stirs the soup, further spreading the poison. He then gets a great big bowl, and pours the entire hearty portion into it, and the waiter, knowing this man is so excited for this stew, begins bringing it to him as he sits hungrily at his table. God, in His infinite wisdom, sees all and quickly puts forth a cascade of events which begins with an older woman spilling her drink and an ice cube from this drink falling in the path of this waiter who then slips and falls and the soup is....well, everywhere but in no one's stomach! The man is heart-broken.....and he sees this event, what was really Divine Intervention that saved his very life, as yet another awful event in his dreary and brow-beaten day. Oh if he only knew! If he only trusted! EVERYTHING, even seemingly 'bad' or 'unfortunate' events, are all Links in the Chain of our Good!

God knows the way.....always, forever. If His timeline is different than ours, it is because He is bringing together circumstances, people, events, to somehow bring you to EXACTLY where you are supposed to be, in a myriad of ways we cannot even being to Fathom, such that all conditions are permanently Perfect. There is a Divine Timing to Everything, and what we fail to do when we Trust that “I will bring it to pass...” is prevent all the wonderful good that is coming, that is surely coming, for before you called, you were answered. But we want to know the way, we want to know the events, the people, the circumstances...even dictate the way, the events, the people, the circumstances, and that is where He halts us and says “have the Faith of a child.” This means to trust Entirely without needing to understand the 'How's' and the 'Why's' and the 'What's.' When a small child asks for a toy at Christmas, he does not want to know where it was manufactured, and in what truck it was shipped in, and to what store it was brought to and for how much it was purchased...etc, etc. He only wants the toy, and he has Full Faith, when he is in that Wondrous, Miracle-minded state of mind, that when he goes to sleep on Christmas Eve, he will wake up and his toy will 'magically' be under the tree. It's as simple as that....he need know nothing else, and he is wide-eyed at the Wonder and Magic of it all. Santa Clause is God in manifestation....God works in Wondrous ways, His Miracles to perform, for that is the magic....the real magic, in Life. As we become adults, we still need to see the world through the innocent and enchanted eyes of a child....and the magic we see is oh, so much more complex which makes it oh, so much more mystical and beautiful and enchanting and wondrous and miraculous and amazing and impossible! Yet, it is possible, and it is before us....and God proves His majesty yet again when we can see with the eyes of Faith and Believe in our hearts and entertain no doubt that our 'toy,' the desire of our heart....will indeed be placed before us in all His glory. The real beauty is that He gives us everything that satisfies the desires of our hearts.... “and more....” than we can ever possibly imagine.