I am Now deluged with the happiness that was planned for me in the Beginning. My barns are Full, my cup flows over with joy.

talk 2

I want to explain about this affirmation, one of the many wonderful ones that can be found on www.florence-scovel-shinn.com. This is speaking of several principles, primarily that God works in the NOW…..NOW is the appointed time, TODAY is the day. To work outside of this means that we are not being mindful….there is only Now, and when we think of our good tomorrow or in the future, it will always be one day ahead of us and we will sit in angst and anticipation but never Feel the actualization of whatever it is we are hoping/praying for. So, be mindful and feel like “TODAY is the day my good comes to me…..this very moment!” Now, the other principles this affirmation encompasses is the idea of Destiny….”before I even called I was answered.” God knows our steps before we take them, and has multitudes of blessings and promises in store for us before we are even aware of them. But this is the entire idea….once we become aware in our consciousness of the blessings and promises, when we begin to even imagine them….this is exactly what moves them toward manifestation in our physical world. My barns are Full implies that our prosperity is abundant, we are ‘stuffed’ with supply and all of our needs are met with divine surplus remaining. My cup flows over with joy again implies that we are filled with expectancy and fulfillment internally with then flows unobstructed into our physical world. Feel prosperous and subsequently be prosperous. This is a wonderful affirmation that begins to imprint upon the mind the idea of never-ending Prosperity and Abundance, of both supply and happiness. Say this many times to yourself over the course of the day, until you feel that ‘your supply is overflowing and plentiful, and your spirit is overwhelmed with joy.’