Fee Schedule

Description and Pricing of Services:
The current list provides length and type of session, in addition to cost.

New patients:

1) Initial Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation:
This will be utilized to gather clinically relevant data as well as historical background. In this time, we will cover psychiatric history, family history, substance abuse history, medication history, past medical history, social and developmental history, legal history, and any current psychological or social stressors that may have impacted mental health issues. We will offer an initial diagnostic impression as well as any appropriate treatments and/or recommendations, referrals. This may include prescribing medication, psychotherapy, or obtaining medical work-ups and/or laboratory data.
- Cost per session: $550
2) Initial Evaluation for Continuing prescription - 30 minutes:
For patients that are already stable on psychotropic medication and are only looking to establish care with a psychiatrist to continue prescriptions. A 30 minutes evaluation if offered. This was designed for the patient looking to transition care in the most affordable and convenient manner, and the follow up sessions are priced above.
- Cost per session: $300

Follow-Up/Continuing Medical Management and Psychotherapy Sessions:
1) Medication Management Sessions - 15 minutes:
These are brief, conventional 15 minute follow up sessions, usually at weekly, monthly, 3 month or longer intervals, to monitor and adjust medication as clinically indicated.
- Cost per session: $195
2) Medication Management/Therapy Sessions - 30 minutes:
These are longer, 30 minute sessions to either discuss both pharmacotherapy and make adjustments as needed, in addition to focused psychotherapy and/or discussion of life stressors, etc., but these may also be brief therapy sessions irrespective of medication management as well, depending on the patient’s desired focus.
- Cost per session: $300
3) Medication Management/Therapy Sessions - 50 Minutes:
These are the classic 50 minute, ‘therapeutic hour’ sessions, and can be utilized to cover both medication-related issues or individual psychotherapy, depending on the patient’s desired focus.
- Cost per session: $475
4) Spiritual Counseling Sessions - 40 minutes:
- Cost per session: $400
Please see Spiritual Counseling for details of these sessions


1) Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations:
- Cost if requesting forensic comprehensive evaluation: $400 per hour.
*Standard evaluations are at minimal 10 hrs to prepare, therefore $4000 retainer will be required at time of evaluation. Hours include the initial and any follow up evaluations, write-up, time to review any other data relevant to the report, i.e, previous psychiatric records/ speaking with previous clinicians, speaking to attorneys/counsel, corresponding with court, etc. *Additional hours [>4] are often necessary, and the patient will be advised of likely hours needed to complete the case and full payment beyond the retainer will be due prior to the submission of the report.
*If forensic evaluation is requested, please be advised I will need to speak directly with your attorney throughout the case.
2) Additional cost if requesting summarized, written evaluation: $400 per hour
Obs.: in addition to $550 to cost of evaluation