There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What is rightfully mine is given me under grace.

Landscape picture 003There is no need to ever be envious of anyone else. Everyone is promised what is theirs by Divine Right: Their perfect Love, perfect Home, perfect Wealth and Prosperity, perfect Work and Self-Expression, and their perfect Health. You never need worry when it seems like those around you are getting something you are not, and you feel the need to compete with them to “win.” What is yours, truly yours, will come to you and there will be no need to compete. When you compete, you have the mentality of “there is only one and I need to beat someone to get that one.” And this is an opposing premise to Abundance. The truth is, there is more than enough for everyone, and you must know that if you do not get that one, ie, the job, the person, the position on the just means you have something else or someone else more perfectly suited for you that will bring you true happiness, divinely selected, that is coming to you. Imagine missing out on what you think is the perfect job on a cruise ship, yet what you may not know is that cruise ship is the Titanic. Never be envious….all that is yours is already perfect and will come to you, in perfect timing. Be patient, be thankful… will come.