Thoughts on Love….

Love is one of the most difficult arenas to master, one of the most difficult emotions to cultivate and expand in the way it was meant to. Seems counter-intuitive, right? Think about something you love right now, something which brings a sparkle to your eyes, and fills your heart to overflowing with warmth and joy. A baby? A child? A pet whom you love more than you could have ever thought? This is when Love is easy…it just takes a path of its own, no animosity, no complexity, no obstacles….just pure Love. It pours itself on the object of your affections, no thoughts of anything else other than your beloved being healthy, happy, joyous, smiling….and their joy beams outward toward you and flows over every part of you, and that feeling is what we are alive for. Love is the strongest magnetic force in the Universe, it is God in manifestation, and exists solely in the highest of vibrations. It is Divine, it is what has inspired the best of Humanity over the centuries, and has been reflected in countless writings, plays, poetry, movies…Love is the magic in everyday life. Place love in any action, that action becomes invincible. Love conquers everything….Love is stronger than hate, or pride, or fear, or wisdom. It knows only pure goodness, pure joy…..and seeks nothing and demands nothing in return. Love is Forever, for all eternity, and Love never fails.

So why are so many songs written about Love, particularly romantic Love, bringing only sorrow, hurt, pain….everything completely opposite of what Love stands for? Because we become fearful of losing what we love, we covet in ways that inhibit True Love and only serve to foster lesser emotions such as jealousy, envy, hurt, anger, guilt, resentment, bitterness, and revenge. We want to control the objects of our Love, whether it be a child, a spouse, a lover, or even in certain friendships, because we are fearful of losing our love, the very essence of what we are alive for, which would leave us feeling hurt, empty, rejected…..Without. So we begin to serve and feed those energies instead of Love, thinking that through our ‘well-meaning’ manipulation we can lessen the chances of losing our Love. But over time, and in the end, these lesser energies take over and threaten to destroy what Love created. What we don’t realize is that the battle, or the conflict, is always within ourselves. If the person we love wants to be with someone else, or leaves, or says hurtful things… do we feel in this instance? Do we love them from the bottom of our hearts and set them free, wishing only goodwill and love to them, wanting only their happiness and joy, because that is what True Love would mean? Wow, only if we are truly enlightened. Most of us would suddenly feel heartbroken, and feed our own wounded egos by feeling hurt, bitter, anger, victimized, jealous, and this can lead to ultimately feeling hatred, and the need for vengeance, to turn around and hurt the person, or persons, who hurt us. This is not Love….not at all. And this is why True Love, when it shows its divine nature, is the most precious and beautiful gift this life can offer. Love is God proving his Majesty and showing us how much He feels for us unconditionally when we can feel this way toward another human being. Love can never be destroyed, can never hurt…Love never fails.

The key is to remember FSS’s ultimate teaching….Spiritual Law. You reap what you sow….you put out a thousand boomerangs a day through your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams, your imaginings, and your fantasies. And our boomerangs come back to us, unfailingly. So put out Love, goodwill, and well wishes…..and feel it and mean it in every part of your heart until you are flooded with Love, then it is ALL that can come back to you. LOVE. Nothing else. You reap what you sow… get back what you put out. And your giving precedes your receiving. You give only Love, you will receive only Love. It is the most difficult of spiritual lessons, which shows us how strong and complex this emotion truly is. But once mastered, it is the highest level of enlightenment you can achieve in this lifetime. It is why God tells us in the Bible, in His infinite brilliance, to “bless our enemies,” for when we do that, and mean nothing but goodwill, it transmutes your enemies’ arrows and ammunition into blessings… can only receive what you give. If you give only Love, become a beacon for only Love… is all that can come back to you, a thousand fold. You are divinely protected. It is Spiritual Law, i.e. GOD, in action. It is the Lesson we are all here on Earth to learn…..True Love.


Give perfect Love, which means to send out only Love despite all the obstacles, despite whatever the person or persons have done to you in the past….then Perfect Love will be given back to you. We all have Love promised to us by Divine right. We must ask aright, for the “right Love” to be brought to us. Do not seek it or limit the channels but allow God to work His wonders by placing Love in our lives….the Love that was meant for us from the beginning of time, for only the divinely planned Love will bring us true Happiness. So let us let go and trust God to bring you to the Love that was destined for you….do not dictate the person(s), and do not dictate how this Love should come to you. Just know it is coming, and think of everyone in your life who you are experiencing any of these lesser emotions and Love them, from the bottom of your heart. Perfect this, each and every day, and you will be closer and closer to the very Love you seek. Your love will come to you as steel comes to a magnet…you need do nothing but Believe in Love. No manipulation, no planning, seeking only within by opening your heart, and you will receive God’s greatest promise to us all. Thank Him…for Infinite Wisdom is ever-working, even if we can’t see it or understand it, to bring your Love to you….and in the blink of an eye, it is done. Forgive lest though be forgiven…..Love lest though be Loved. Love knows only Victory, only Joy, and brings us to our ultimate happiness. Believe, and Know, only Love….Love never fails.