My seeming impossible good now comes to pass, the unexpected now happens!

talk 5This is a statement that exemplifies many principles, namely Faith and Expectation.  “You will be given the land that thou seest.”  “According to your Faith be it unto you.”  These are biblical quotes meaning…..What you believe WILL manifest, good or bad……what you EXPECT will come to pass.  So this is meant to break all remaining doubts that linger in even the most faithful of believers.  “My seeming impossible good….”   It means it will be something that Almost seems to good to be true, impossible even….but yet it is not, because With God, All Things are Possible, and the logical mind cannot argue with this statement “my Seemingly impossible good.”  “Now comes to pass….”  Not tomorrow, not next week….NOW.  We must live in the now, we must live in the present moment, knowing This Day our good is here, otherwise we are constantly chasing something that stays just out of our reach, and our Good remains one day ahead of us.  It is alright to look to the horizon and know All Good things are here and coming, but we must be still and bring it to us, see ourselves as the magnet by which our good races toward with lightening speed.  We need to do nothing but Stand and Believe.  There will be times for action, but there will also be times to remain perfectly Still and Know.  “The unexpected happens,” means simply, we do not prescribe or dictate the way, we allow the Universe to choose the path, and so it does, with perfect ease…..and before we know it, our demonstration has come to pass…..thanks be to God