I am harmonious, happy, radiant; detached from the tyranny of fear.

talk 6

What this affirmation is stating is that when we have Faith, we cannot be afraid, we must call our good to us and know it is, in fact, coming.  When we are afraid, we are actually blocking our good from manifesting because we are emitting a signal that is the opposite of Faith….we are not sure about what to believe, and think there is a possibility of Not Receiving, and hence, we are then afraid.  When we are still, and we stand solid, knowing that we are answered before we are even called, and therefore if we haven’t seen our demonstration come to pass yet, it is only because it is on it’s way to us, but it is actually our Faith that brings it into existence.  As Jesus says, “why are you fearful, ye of little faith?” 

FAITH is the bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, the 4th dimension being the realm of perfect ideas….everything travels from this dimension to ours on the bridge of Faith.  This is why for some people, who do not fear or question, they know and stand and Live, Breath, and Act their Faith, it is reflected in all of their actions, therefore, it appears on the External, in our 3rd dimensional reality.  It is always, always, always US that allows us to receive or not receive…..Always and Only us.  Do yourself a favor today, and ask what it is you are praying and hoping for, and tell yourself [speak over your circumstances, literally] that is here, now, and any moment you will see it in your world.  Expect it and begin preparation for it…..know it in your heart that it is coming and live as if it is so….and it will be.   Move forward today in Faith…..if Faith is all you have, you are well able and truly, divinely Invincible in all you do.